How are we doing? Well, take a look! Empowered communities of children and families are creating positive change in their own lives and beyond. The movement has begun!

2016 Annual Report

Thanks to our team of dedicated development worker we reached our goal of expanding, streamlining and managing our programs in a way that enables potential scalability in the near future. We also integrated 21st century skills, such as creativity, critical thinking, communication and problem solving across all of our programs and related activities.

2015 Annual Report

Pandoo Foundation was first imagined by a group of social entrepreneurs that shared a vision of combining gameplay, technology and education to empower and unite kids globally to bring about social change. Pandoo Foundation is now the heart and soul of a powerful online platform that will be ready to launch in early 2017. As far as I know, it is the only NGO that’s part of an online game world for kids where their actions have real social impact on the life of other kids and their families around the world.