Empowered communities of children and families creating positive change in their lives and beyond.


Our PANDOO Kids Club - Adopt-A-Community Program creates hubs for education and youth leadership that supports whole of communities in building for the future. Whether a grandparent, teacher, elected official or parent, they can work with inspiring young people to transform neighbourhoods into supportive, self-sustain communities. Cool, right!

A little collaboration goes a long way, and teaching valuable life skills, like empathy, critical thinking and communication moulds the next generation of successful community leaders. Our Adopt-A-Community Program is a 3 year commitment with 3 phases.

1- COMMUNITY AS LEARNERS: Year 1 is for training, learning, organizing, and implementing the right projects with the community.

2- COMMUNITY AS PARTNERS: Year 2 is the start of the handover of responsibilities to community leaders with continued training.

3- COMMUNITY AS INITIATORS: Year 3 is about self-sufficiency and the sustainable community management of projects, with continued training and support.

Impact so far:

  • 1 adopted community
  • 4 learning hubs refurbished
  • 500 average monthly visits
  • 10,000+ meals served
  • 120 kids enrolled
  • 5000 books donated