Pandoo Clubs

We opened our first community and learning center for at-risk youth (55 members in total) in Barangay Kasambagan in Cebu City, Philippines in May 2014. Providing a safe community gathering place for neighborhood kids ages 5-12, the Pandoo Club also encourages and teaches them to develop leadership, teamwork and other skills through its extracurricular activities. Among others, programs will include learning and competition in dance, music, volleyball, street hockey, reading, and the effective use of computer tablets and the internet.

Pandoo Clubs are the centerpiece of the Pandoo Foundation’s overall education and literacy improvement goals. We not only want to provide a safe place for at-risk youth to go after school and on Saturdays, we also want to give them the opportunity to further their learning. At our Cebu City Pandoo Club, we are implementing key educational programs that will serve as a guide for our next Pandoo Clubs.

Pandoo Mobile Libraries


Our mobile library project provides story books, but it also brings new literacy-based teaching methods, lessons and resources to underserved public schools in Cebu Province. Our team of storytellers and teachers work to foster a love of reading in children while providing their teachers with better methods and techniques to continue their work. We do storytelling, offer books and a tailored curriculum with guide books for teachers and their students.


The jeepney is the most common form of public transportation in the Philippines. By refurbishing a jeepney and converting it into a colourful mobile library, learning becomes magical. It inspires children.


Literacy is the cornerstone of education. When you offer children the right tools, a good environment and great opportunities, there are no limits to what they can achieve. Our literacy program wants to empower children to open their minds through reading, putting them on a path to lifelong learning.