Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the relationship between PANDOO Foundation and PANDOO Nation?

ShiftRunner Pte. Ltd. is a Singapore (headquarters) and Philippine-based entertainment and social awareness company. It's principal activities include the creation of PANDOO Nation, an MMOG (Massively Multiplayer Online Game) for preteens, and PANDOO Foundation, its not-for-profit sister organization that administers community outreach efforts, beginning in Southeast Asia. 20% of all the subscription revenue goes to PANDOO Foundation to help fund programs in the developing world.

The CEO of Shiftrunner is the Foundation’s Chairman. The Executive Director of the Foundation is also co-owner and co-founder of ShiftRunner.

The Foundation links its development programs to the players in the virtual game world. Thus, PANDOO Foundation is the link between the real world and the virtual world that makes it possible for every PANDOO Nation’s virtual missions to have the potential to change lives.

  • What are your activities?

The PANDOO Foundation has four main areas of work:

Education  |  Health & Sanitation  |  Sports & Leadership  |  IT

  • How are your partners selected?

There are thousands of terrific international and local NGOs that are doing wonderful things to help the world’s poorest people. Unfortunately, we cannot work will all of them. We have recently partnered with NGO's that take a holistic view towards assisting the poor help themselves. Geographically, for the time being, we have decided to focus our attention on Southeast Asia. To reinforce our relationships, we go out in the field and spend time with our partners’ staff and the communities they are helping. We strive to maintain a transparent relationship, and in order to do so, PANDOO Foundation tries to develop close long-term relationships with all of our partners so that we can all work together towards achieving our missions.

  • Where are your offices?

PANDOO Foundation is headquartered in Singapore. Our first in-country office is now open in Cebu, Philippines.

  • Are you a registered charitable organization?

No. We are registered as a not-for profit Company Limited by Guarantee. Because we have only recently launched our Foundation in Singapore with no previous history of having been based elsewhere in the world – the Foundation is new -, and because 100% of our funds are helping people outside the country, we do not fall within the Singaporean’s Category of an International Charity Organization.

  • How are you accountable?

As a registered not-for profit Company Limited by Guarantee, the PANDOO Foundation is required by the Singaporean Government to be audited yearly by external audit companies.