Basic Health Care Program


Our Pandoo Health Kit Program addresses the need for better student hygiene in rural schools to avoid unnecessary absenteeism and in-school discomforts, which reduce students’ attention and performance. Our goal is to keep students healthy by increasing awareness on the importance of two simple ways to prevent infectious diseases and tooth decay: TOOTH BRUSHING & HAND WASHING

We provide in-school awareness lessons tailored to students, grade 2-to-6. Our team of storytellers become actors in plays that are meant to engage kids while teaching them the importance of good sanitation. Every student receives a Basic Health Kit, which contains a toothbrush, toothpaste and a bar of soap. Participating schools will also be provided with the necessary equipment to maintain and run the program, such as water dispensers and a 30-day challenge.


Schools are children’s second homes. Running our program through the public school system enables us to reach more children and to implement a good awareness platform by involving students and teachers in the process.

A few school-based programs are already in place in the Philippines; however there are still many regions that do not benefit from them. We want to increase that reach by implementing our program in the Visaya region in the Philippines, especially on remote islands off the North Coast of Cebu Island.

Clean Water Wells

We will soon be working with HOPE International Development Agency to help the neglected poor in Cambodia get access to sustainable sources of clean drinking water.

Click here to see how HOPE International Development Agency is helping the neglected poor in Pursat province, in Cambodia.