Our Mobile Learning Program takes our lessons on the road to give kids in remote communities the chance to learn and be part of our community. We take Jeepneys, transport trucks native to the Philippines, and transform them into colourful classrooms where kids can get lost in books, sports and musical experiences, or simply be transported to field-trips and leadership camps. PANDOO on wheels gives us the freedom to do what we do best, inspiring kids while having fun! Since starting our operations in the Philippines, we launched a Mobile Library - Beep Beep Books -, a Sports Jeepney, and more recently a Mobile Classroom.

Impact so far:

  • BEEP BEEP BOOKS: Our first ever Foundation project, Beep Beep Books was a library on wheels that reached more than 11,000 kids in many Cebu Communities.
  • SPORTS JEEPNEY: Cherished by kids and coaches, our sports jeepney transported more than 300 youth to games, practices and team building activities during 2 volleyball seasons and soccer camps. 190 coaches were trained.
  • MOBILE CLASSROOM: Our newest addition. We've learned and perfected our literacy and sports and leadership outreaches hoping to empower more kids in Cebu and its surroundings. Thanks to Together We Can Change the World Foundation for the funds to buy and refurbish our new mobile initiative.