Ly Kim – The ‘Mother’ of HOPE International in Cambodia

SFGC: Where in Cambodia is your hometown? How far is it from where you live today?

Ly: I was born in Phnom Penh but was evacuated to Pursat Province at a young age. Pursat is 200 kilometers from where I was born.

SFGC: What was it that initially drew you to work with HOPE?

Ly: I’m thinking of the suffering and struggle to get out of poverty. I’ve been lucky to reach my dream with HOPE. To be able to help needy families who were victims of the civil war. I know how painful it was to struggle to survive.

SFGC: What is your position at HOPE? And since starting in 1995, what has been your favorite part of the job?

Ly: I am the director of HOPE in Cambodia, but I
wouldn’t be able to do anything without my lady
colleagues all working together. We are a group of
nine women who focus on both water projects and micro credit projects. I think my favorite part is the way our team works together and how we’re able to achieve change. We are very thankful and grateful to be able to do this job.

SFGC: Could you recap one of your favorite memories?

Ly: There are a lot, but I remember when we came across one woman who had nothing. No land, no water, and lived with her mother. We then provided her with a well and things got much better. Later, she got married and became a HOPE Community Resource Person (CRP). She went back into the villages and trained numerous self-help groups. It was great to watch this progression and see how she became empowered through her journey.

SFGC: How do you see Pandoo Foundation’s partnership with HOPE developing in the future?

Ly: It is expanded support that will provide HOPE with more opportunities to help. It will allow more people and more families to become self- sustained and self-reliant.

SFGC: Global Citizen Crush!?

Ly: I would say it’s everyone in the villages – to see their lives go from nothing to a bright future. I think together we all inspire each other.