Hello To Our Future Pandoo Community

By: François Perreault

My role as Pandoo Foundation’s first International President/Executive Director comes with great responsibilities, but thankfully, I am not standing alone. I am surrounded by superb individuals – among others, Anthony Blass, our Chairman, Gen Bisson, our Philippines’ Director who’s working hard in the field, and all of my friends and socially minded colleagues at ShiftRunner, who, like me, are striving to put in place all the necessary pillars to create a world class non-profit organization with a social mission of helping kids everywhere become young agents of change.

THEY, the young generation, are the world’s newest change makers, and our future’s next great global social citizen. With the right tools, THEY can change our world for the better.

In this respect, Pandoo Foundation is unique. Not only does it have a Kids for kids mission, but as far as I know, Pandoo Foundation is the only non-profit organization that’s completely integrated in an on-line game world that empowers kids to help other kids their age in the developing world.

Through Pandoo Nation’s online community, and through our Foundation’s relationships with real communities around the globe, we are reaching out to kids to give them new tools to connect, so that they can communicate together, help and understand each other, and most importantly, learn from one another while they create a better world.

As a new organisation with a unique goal and an important mission, we cannot go at it alone. We are collaborating with other like-minded international and local NGOs in order to combine our efforts, expertise, networks, social goals and missions to bring about change, and to help kids BE that change.

We are currently working with HOPE International Development Agency on a livelihood program in Pursat, Cambodia, and we are making plans to start building much needed rural elementary schools with World Assistance for Cambodia. We are also implementing innovative educational projects in the Philippines, and at the same time, we are developing several important partnerships with reputable NGOs around the world so that we can help kids reach out to poor communities, and empower their families, women and children.

Pandoo Foundation is only beginning its journey, and as the International President/Executive Director, I will be writing stories about our vision, our current and new partnerships, our mission and our overall impact on our Pandoo community and on communities globally.

Like I said previously, I am so fortunate to be working with a great team and amazing partners in the field. I also think we are all fortunate to know that we will be assisted by our future Pandoo community – Pandoo Kids worldwide.

Indeed, Pandoo Kids will eventually define this organization, as it will become THEIR Foundation.

THEY will be its ambassadors, international presidents and executive directors. THEY will be the PANDOO FOUNDATION.

So, let the journey begin, and let’s all work together so that kids can become our world’s newest change makers, and our future’s next great global social citizen!