3 Little Wishes

By: Geneviève Bisson

All of today’s volunteers are sitting in a park. This is bringing back old memories of my high school days. We’re playing games trying to make time pass more quickly. How can we entertain ourselves for another 6 hours? I then heard giggles behind me and turned around to find 3 giant grins on the worlds cutest little girls. I smile, turn back, and suddenly the games don’t interest me anymore because all I want to do is talk with them.

I quit the game and sparked a conversation with these three grinning little monsters.  I am instantly attached. Ann, Enola and Angelyn will become my new best friends for the night. We talked about school and how it’s cool. Ok fine, these are my teacher words, not theirs. We talked about their families and how they are now living far away. We talked about boys but they were not interested. We talked in Visaya- well I tried to for about 10 seconds. We talked about Christmas in Canada and I gave them a play-by-play on how to build a snowman – something really useful for them.

I took out 3 Canadian 5 cents coins from my bag and decided to let them in on a “Canadian wish secret.”  I passed them one coin each and told them to carefully follow my instructions.  I told them to place the coin in the middle of their hands and put their other hand on top of it, interlock their little fingers, close their eyes and shake the coin close to their heart and make a wish. They followed suite and we practiced again until they mastered it on their own.  It was then time to make one for real and we did it all together. Afterwards, I asked them if they would mind sharing their wishes with me. I was not prepared for their responses…

Ann wanted to make her friends happy who lost their homes in the earthquake.

Enola wanted her parents to come back home.

Angelyn wanted food and for her friends to have their wishes come true.

They then asked me about my wish and I quickly felt ashamed for not taking this seriously enough. I told them I wished that they would continue to be the amazing little girls that they are.

I saw them place their coins in a safe spot and I hoped they would remember to use it.

You hear it all the time with the people here, that selflessness, that desire to make others around them happy first and foremost.

Lessons come in all shapes and sizes. That night it came in the form of three beautiful little monsters and their three selfless wishes.