Slow and Steady

By: Em Gamboa

Every week, we try to make a point to provide the kids with new experiences. We always want to feed their imaginations so we can keep their hearts and minds full. That’s our main goal, but until we can make it to that point we’re committed to keeping it slow and steady, one step at a time.

So, back to this week’s update!

This week we introduced our Tuesday Tech (tablet) class with Teacher Arianne Tablante and our Thursday Cooking with Teacher Sophie Secco.  The kids were surprised that we had these planned and were definitely not expecting it. Only a few showed up but you could tell they were going to spread the news to their classmates and they’ve already signed up for the next lessons!

They were excited.  Hooray!

Tech classes started with a “getting to know you” phase. Teacher Arianne introduced the course to the kids and she was able to get their feedback and got to know them more. It was only a short session but it was definitely the start of something new and wonderful.

My surprise for the week though, was during the cooking class.

The older kids were not around when Teacher Sophie arrived so I was a bit concerned. It was the young ones’ turn to have fun and I was worried they would have too much of it. Kitchens and excited kids are not a good recipe for me.

Oh boy, was I wrong!

They were very well behaved. They even volunteered to cut and mix the fruits AND wash the dishes. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who felt so proud of them. It was a perfect teaching moment for us all.

After the lesson, all of them went back to their seats while two young volunteers helped in dividing and serving the food. They had a lot of fun with the cooking, now it was time for the best part – the taste testing.

Everyone was already smiling and they smiled even more when we said we had one more surprise for them.

One of our friends Ms. Abi K. Biard, came over to donate shoes. I’m sure everyone went home with a full stomach, happy hearts and comfy feet that day.

The main goal with the lessons that we are starting is to give the children more opportunities to grow. We want to give them a chance to discover skills and talents that they might never find or acknowledge, especially if they are left to fend for themselves.

As self-proclaimed knowledge connoisseurs, we want to create the perfect recipe for their minds. We want to have the perfect salad of stories, ideas, activities and guidance that can make anyone wish them, Bon Appetit!

We’re still a long way from that but we have to remember that the best recipes are never rushed!