Traveling Teachers

By: Em Gamboa

Yesterday, during our regular trip as guest teachers to another foundation for at-risk children, I had a sudden realization while reading to the kids a book entitled “I Can” by Maria Fleming. Some of the lines went like this:

I can slide!

I can run!

I can ride!

As a mobile library, we travel to different places and organize storytelling and other educational activities for children. We go around spreading fun and we encourage them to use their imaginations through our stories. Sometimes it’s physically challenging but we don’t mind, because we’re the travelling teachers and we can do anything we set our hearts to!

I believe this is true for any one. A person’s commitment, hard work and passion are definitely crucial to achieve success. They are our secret energy reserves whenever we start feeling under the weather.

I can skate!

I can swing!

I can do anything!

Adults can do a lot of things but children can take things to a whole new level. With all their hard work and passion, they add love and imagination and voila. They can be anything they want to be!

They can be pilots of an airplane flying over a field of marshmallows or powerful princesses who lead their kingdoms. They can be a lot of things but most of them choose to be superheroes. They choose to fight in the name of justice and save their friends and family from the evil villains.

Kids can dream of anything and they can achieve everything!


All of this was going through my mind while teaching the kids how to read. I believe I have spent enough time with them to know that they have big dreams and I know that they can succeed against all odds.

We are travelling teachers and like regular teachers, it is important that we communicate positivity to every child (or adult) that we meet. Encourage them when they feel disheartened, help them when they’re about to give up or sometimes, all you have to say is “Good Job! I bet that was hard but you did very well!” Bottom line? Let your positivity travel with you and let the magic flow.

I can do anything!

Let us all become travelling teachers and inspire everyone that we meet, especially the children. They are the future pilots, doctors, painters, writers, presidents, fathers and mothers. They have all the magic inside them and it’s our job as adults, to help them get in tune with it.

Never say you can’t or you’re scared. Remember, you can always say, “Can you help me? Or if you’re in a better disposition, “Can I help you?”

Let us become travelling teachers and teach everyone to say the magic words: