This Dream Belongs to the Children

By: Denise Cristobal

Last 27 – 28 September 2014, while most people slept in or spent their days off with family and friends, the Beep Beep Books team spent Saturday and Sunday in the midst of dreamers. But the Dream Expo – CEBU, held at RAFI – Eduardo Aboitiz Development Studies Center, was far from a snooze-fest. In fact, it was an event that shook us to our very core.

I work with a group of people who not only have brilliant minds, but who also have passionate hearts to match. We’ve been working tirelessly on the mobile library and on our own teacher training so we can finally put forth a program that will share the love of reading, writing, and education to children and teachers. But as air can grow stale in an enclosed room, so can ideas when circulated among the same people.

What we needed was a breath of fresh air and some sunshine!

And that was exactly what Dream Expo – CEBU gave us. To be in the presence of people who were on the same wavelength and who shared the same vision – inclusive growth for the young and old, rich and poor – was just wonderful. During the talks, we could hardly stop ourselves from having our own discussions since we had so many light bulb moments, as Marcie would put it. The new perspectives from Filipino innovators helped us re-examine the strengths and shortcomings of our project.

We left the Dream Expo energized, inspired, and affirmed. More so since Beep Beep Books was chosen as one of the three ideas to be mentored and incubated by the Global Shapers Community – Cebu Hub. We are so excited to get our all our plans in order. It won’t be long before our dream becomes a valuable part of education in Cebu.

But to be honest, we are more excited for the children. Why?

Because when our dream becomes reality, they hopefully will never have to give up on their dreams because they are not equipped to handle the challenges that they will surely face as they go through life. When our dream becomes reality, they hopefully will always see their future as clearly as they see the sun on a bright sunny day.

Truthfully, we are merely the guardians of children’s dreams. Because really, this dream belongs to the children.