The Week That Was. . .

Thoughts from GenEm and Denise.

“The week that was,” was long but enjoyable. We had a ton of fun. We hit a number of roadblocks but learned a lot.

Em: Let your imagination rule!


That was the only word that crossed my mind when I thought about our activities last week.

Our arcade, Pandoo Perya, was a major hit with the kids. They were very creative and smart with their games. They left us in awe. It was an experience that we will treasure for a long time.

Being the team leader for this mission taught me a number of things, most importantly that we should let imagination rule. The kids rose up to our challenge and they created things that made all of the adults proud. If we acknowledge the power of our imagination until we grow up, I’m sure we’d be living in a much better world.

Denise: Never underestimate children.

We must never underestimate the power our words and actions have on children. That is not groundbreaking advice, but so many people don’t seem to fully grasp the concept. We tell children to imagine, to create, to explore, but then tell them “no” or we hold them back when they do. Maybe it’s the adult in us having a hard time letting go or maybe it’s our fear of pain and failing, but we stunt children’s growth when we do these things. Children’s minds are so open and accepting, and they seem to know no fear. Let us guide them into becoming people who use their strengths and talents to positively contribute to society.

Gen: Never forget to have FUN!

Planning events is never easy, especially when you don’t know how many people will show up. I once heard the saying: “Build and they will come.” So we did and sure enough they came. Many people enjoyed playing the games that our children created. They were beaming with smiles, having a blast and feeling energized and inspired by what they saw – a community that worked hard together to make this event meaningful. I have great memories from that day. I am so proud of everyone’s contribution and most importantly everything we learned on the journey that led to it. So, yes planning out events can be stressful at times but we stayed true to what we had discussed – not to forget to have fun. If we look like we are having a blast everyone will get carried away and enjoy themselves in our company.

Thank you to our team for whole heartily taking on this project. Thank you to everyone who donated, attended, supported and encouraged children’s imagination. Last but not the least, thank you, Caine, for lighting up adults’ imagination!

Enjoy this Holiday Season!