When I say POP, you say CORN!

By: Em Gamboa

Every one say POPCORN!

Saturdays at the community center are usually reserved for free play, trivia raffle, awarding of prizes, quick tutoring and other awesome activities with the kids. Last week though, we wanted to make the day extra special for them so we decided to make them some popcorn!

Too simple, you say? Well, think again.

It was the ordinary kind but the kids LOOOOVED it! They were all laughing together and sharing stories. It became an instant bonding moment for our mini-family. We had cheese flavoring and but it was funny when the kids reprimanded Ate Em (me) for getting the spicy barbecue kind, too. (won’t happen again, promise!) They were all sharing one bowl and they asked for seconds, thirds and even a fourth and a fifth serving! Our center mother was worried about stomachaches but she couldn’t resist their naughty smiles. Score 1 for the kids!

Looking at their happy faces made me realize that we should always appreciate all the things and experiences that we have. We can easily get the finer things in life that we tend to ignore the simpler things we encounter, like popcorn.  Remember, your “ordinary” things might mean the world to a little kid, so cherish them.

So, when someone says POP! You say CORN!

Let’s all say POPCORN!

Have a Popping day everyone!