The Power of Positivity

Today I was sitting in the office when a little boy came in and asked me a question.

“Ms. Em, can I borrow some Legos?”

He then proceeded to show me where the box was, making sure not to touch anything else. I had a big smile on my face, which I believe confused him a bit because I had to tell him I was busy but we could play later.

Fast forward just a few minutes and I hear him call out to one of his playmates, “Let’s play together! Do you want to be my partner?” She immediately ran over to him and Lego towers soon followed.

To most people, this may sound like a normal conversation. But it is actually something very touching to all of us. A few months ago, this little boy never asked permission. He would grab things if he wanted them. He was seldom nice to his peers and would occasionally even pick fights.

After this experience with him this morning, I immediately saw how far he’s come. The Pandoo team was all smiles.

Here at the Pandoo Club Cebu, we always make a point to communicate positivity to the kids. It’s not easy and sometimes we forget, but whenever we see or hear heart-warming moments like this, we are always reminded that we are impacting children’s lives. Whatever we do, it definitely matters.