Igniting the Spark of Science

By: Aina Marize Dela Fuente

The Pandoo Community Club observes annual events and celebrations like “Nutrition Month” in July and “Buwan Ng Wika” (Filipino Language Month) in August. The previous celebrations successfully raised awareness about the themes and helped Pandoo kids and staff understand the world better. In the month of September, we aimed to ignite the spark of Science and creativity through celebrating Science Month!

On September 26, 2015, we culminated the Science Month by hosting a Science Fair. Usually, Science Fairs are competitions where contestants present their science project results in the forms of reports, display boards, and models. But here at the Community Club, the Pandoo kids, with the supervision of the staff, worked together and demonstrated different science concepts in the fields of physics, chemistry, and biology through experiments.

That Saturday, everyone was bursting with excitement for a day of fun and discoveries! The community center was decorated with scientific charts and it was filled with bright-eyed and bushy-tailed individuals. Student volunteers from the University of San Carlos – Department of Science and Mathematics Education also contributed to the success of the event by giving the kids ideas on how to explain the different science concepts.

We had little Pandoo scientists who conducted the different science experiments well. In the field of physics, everyone was able to learn about density, force, and the law of gravity. People were also fascinated by the eruptions made by the chemistry experiment involving Mentos and Coca Cola. In biology, they had the chance to see how the heart pumps blood and how the circulatory system works.

Everyone enjoyed what they saw. We all learned that even simple science experiments can liven up a topic and make it easier for kids and adults to feel engaged in a lesson.

Who doesn’t love learning about science? It is certainly a very fascinating subject as it arouses our curiosity about nature and teaches us to appreciate the things around us. So here at the Pandoo Club, in our little ways, we also try to make learning Science an enjoyable experience, one that the kids will remember for a lifetime. And I feel like we did that during our Science Fair. The activity gave the kids the opportunity to work in teams and to enhance their communication, research, reporting, and collaborative skills. I hope that we ignited the spark of Science in their minds so that through it they, too, might help solve the world’s big problems someday.