Are You Ready For Take Off?

By: Geneviève Bisson

All aboard the Pandoocific Airlines!

Passports in hand, alongside our teachers turned travel guides, our Pandoo kids went on an adventure on October 29, 2015 during the Pandoo International Fair. With the help of several international guests, we transformed spaces around the Pandoo Club into countries from around the world, ready to be discovered.

I’ve personally always found the saying “The world is a book and those who do not travel only read one page” somewhat unfair. What about the millions of people who cannot afford to travel? It’s with this in mind that the Pandoo staff and volunteers worked to give the kids the opportunity to experience the beauties of traveling.

I have always been passionate about traveling. As a kid, I would get lost looking at maps. I would watch travel shows. I was always interested in learning about new cultures and this has led me to become an avid traveler. But I also know that there are other ways to feel transported. In fact, in many ways, I started to travel way before I even left home.

Jess, who regularly volunteers at the center, came to help me represent Canada. It was great to show the kids videos and see their reactions when they saw the beautiful landscapes. We had a good laugh giving them a small Canadian politeness demonstration. We walked and pretended to bump into each other, then we both excused ourselves in a series of over-emphatic apologies. After every country the kids visited, we gave out sticker stamps and off to another country they went.

The kids were engaged from beginning to end and you could see their sense of curiosity and wonder grow with every activity they participated in. I would even go as far as to say that without even leaving the walls of the Pandoo Club, they have read a few pages of this so-called “World Book”.

A big thank you, merci, obrigados, gracias, arigatou to everyone who helped make it all possible. This day goes to show that with a good imagination there are no limits to where we can go.