Show A Bully How To Love

By: Em Gamboa

This month the Pandoo Club family gained a new playmate!

What’s so special about a new playmate, you ask? Well, this guy started out as a constant concern to everyone. He would tease the kids, wait for them outside, pester the team members and even throw rocks to intimidate everyone. He was being the, “bad boy,” but we all saw that it was just a cry for attention.

As responsible adults, we told him that what he was doing was unacceptable and that he should try to be friends instead. He was often angry with us, but we made sure to tell him that he was still welcome to join the Club if he wanted to.

Days turned to weeks and the weeks turned to months. It took a long time but this, “bad boy,” started to warm up to us. First, he stopped the teasing and the fights in the streets. Next, a teammate reported that he politely greeted her. But the most touching thing we saw was that he started watching our games and coming closer and closer. He was obviously being shy so every time we noticed him we made a point to ask him to join us.

This month he finally came close enough and the Pandoo Club members included him in the circle. The next thing we knew, he was already playing with everyone!

Through this experience, we saw how forgiving and loving kids can be. We learned that by looking beyond his angry actions and choosing to listen to his heart, we were able to lead him to a positive change.

This month we welcomed a special new playmate because we chose to fight anger with love.