Across The Streets

By: Gen Bisson

Across the streets, that’s where the children go. Passing the oncoming traffic, the noisy sidewalks and poorly lit corners.

When we leave the Pandoo Club at night and tell the children to go home, sometimes we are saddened knowing that our own limitations prevent us from further mentoring them. When we see them around the neighborhood it’s often a reminder of their situations.

They look so different inside the walls of the Club — playing with Legos, laughing, learning — that I sometimes forget where they go after hours. No child should have to beg.

However, today was different! When Em and I left and peeked across the street, big smiles instantly consumed our faces. Four of our girls were completely absorbed in books. It seemed like the Pandoo Club walls had fallen but the thirst for knowledge, which we try to cultivate in each of them, was still blossoming. Watching them made me extremely grateful for the opportunities we are able to provide, and I am so proud of each of them. The four girls are “meeting us halfway” and showing us that we are reaching them, and that what we do together truly matters.