The Start of Something Wonderful

By: Denise Cristobal

“Are you coming back?”

“When are you coming back?”

What sweet words to hear from children who participated in Pandoo Foundation’s first-ever Summer Camp!

April and May are the summer months in the Philippines. Kids are off school and they don’t have to think about school, lessons, and learning…. But we don’t let them off that easy at the Pandoo Foundation!

Learning is an ongoing process that doesn’t stop when kids go on summer break. We believe that kids should continue learning especiallyduring summer time so they maintain and add to the knowledge they already acquired.

So after weeks of preparation – recruiting volunteers, coordinating with communities around Cebu, and creating an educational and fun summer program – the Pandoo Community Club and the Beep Beep Books team took on the challenge of giving kids around Cebu a summer they will never forget.

April 13, 2015 marked the first day of the first-ever Pandoo Foundation Summer Camp. The Beep Beep Books team went to the first two communities scheduled for the camp: Barangay Kasambagan and Barangay Ermita. The team showed the kids how books can color their world. From singing about colors, reading books with captivating stories, and having a blast with words and sentences, the time spent with the kids was filled with laughter, smiles, and joyful screams.

At the Pandoo Community Club, the kids were also presented with all types of fun activities including, but not limited to: Lego Club, street hockey, dance, volleyball, creative writing, Film Club, music, and arts and crafts. The kids at the Community Club were as enthusiastic as ever! They were still eager to learn even when it was not required of them. 

This past week has definitely been a fun and fulfilling one. This week has proven that kids are thirsty for knowledge and they will not shy away from a challenge.

So to answer the question we were asked by the Summer Camp kids:

“Yes, we will back. We will keep coming back as long as you want to keep learning. See you in the next six weeks!”