Mission: Audition

By: Lady Aleen Cruz-Bernido

Scary and nerve-wracking.

These words usually are tied to the following words: auditions, screening, and talent test.

At the Pandoo Club, we rolled out the audition and screening process for the kids to secure a slot for the Afterschool Project.

I remember the look on the kids’ faces when their names were called for the auditions. You could see some of them turn pale, some with sweaty palms, and others with their voices trembling when they gave us their answers to our screening questions.

We did not put the audition and screening process in place to rank them according to how talented we perceive them to be, but instead, we wanted them to experience how it is like to go through auditions at a young age. We wanted them to know how it feels like to go through talent tests, so that when they think that they want to apply for a college program that requires one, they would not turn the other way.

Everyone who went through the auditions secured a slot for the following classes: media, art, craft, and design, community leadership, dance, and music.

Having a screening process made us discover their intrinsic motivation to learn more and discover more on the classes they signed up for. What is inspiring is when they were asked what they would do after the free classes, most of them wanted to give back to Pandoo.

One kid who went through screening for the Art, Craft, and Design class answered, “I will sell my art and give half of the proceeds to Pandoo Foundation. Someday, I will be like you and volunteer at the Pandoo Club.”

It is reassuring to know that the values and the lessons these kids are getting from us at the Pandoo Club are starting to be instilled in their hearts and minds.

As soon as the Afterschool Project classes started on September 13th, the fear that they had during their auditions turned into excitement and delight. All the classes are for free and the materials are provided for, All they needed to do was show up consistently once a week. Field trips and exposures are things these kids look forward to which will happen pretty soon.

Friends from respective industries came to share their knowledge and expertise on the classes. For the Music Class, we had Isser Libres of Ukulele Cebu, Jiji Aligno who MVRCK, and ArtistKo’s Iñaki Rodis who helped us with the vocal assessment. For the Media Class, we had Daniella Ocampo from Colombia, who also helped create a curriculum for the class. And this is only for the first few weeks of the project.

A lot of things are in store for the kids at the Pandoo Club because of the help of people, schools, and organizations who support us and our causes. La Garenne International School, through the efforts of Pauline Herbommez who came to the Pandoo Club last year, contributed greatly in making this project possible.

Maybe because of the Afterschool Project, the Pandoo kids will see auditions as a brave step to take for them to experience fun and exciting things ahead.