Steps Forward For Young Global Citizens

22 presentations, 5 cities and hundreds of students later, my month of school presentations has come to an end. Although by the schools feedback and students response it’s hard to call this an end.

It’s been such a treat to share these moments and conversations with students. Their teamwork, engagement, and problem solving skills in action as we explored elements of development work and defined what it meant to be global citizens were heartening to see. Students had so many interesting questions and expressed so much empathy for others. One student asked me “Why aren’t there more people helping?” I assured him that so many people are doing amazing work, not only overseas but also in his own community. That everyone can contribute something wherever they are and with whatever means they have. What matters most is that we do our own share in making the world a bit better. I could see the wheels spinning in his head, as I did with others, lights we’re switching on.  This is what all of these activities were about - making students connect to other realities in hopes that these conversations will help them move forward on a path of empathy, respect and global connectedness. The more you are empowered to contribute the more it will become second nature.

To teachers in Ottawa, Quebec, Denver, San Francisco and Vancouver, thank you for welcoming me into your classrooms.  I leave with such motivation and inspiration to continue creating meaningful lessons that will make this learning come alive.