By: Jet Ong

A community where kids are free to visualize their dreams, speak their minds, recognize their weaknesses, and create measures to correct them. A community where kids are building their future, despite difficulties and poverty. This is exactly what happened when the Pandoo Club kids gathered together to formulate their code of conduct on their first Friday Chill Session at the community center.

It was the first time that they were going to experience the “chill night.” It was also my first time to have a session with the kids since coming to Pandoo. I have done this activity with different youth groups in the past but every group always excites me as I listen to them visualizing their dreams. For me, it’s really inspiring to see kids create their dreams and observe them while they are actually “seeing” their dreams come to reality.  I almost forgot that the objective of the activity was for them to create a code of conduct. But as they always say, when you know your whys, it will always be easy to answer the hows.   “How should I behave at the center or in life in general?” can be best answered when they ask “why should I behave?” This activity allowed them to explore their whys.

Why? Because I want to finish college and get a good job.

Why? Because I want to build a comfortable house for my family.

Why? Because I want to help other kids who are like me.

When they knew their whys, it was then that they found it easy to understand why there is a code of conduct at the center and why it was important that they themselves should formulate them.

As the activity ended, they weave the strips of chart paper where they wrote the code of conduct and turned it into a colorful mat.

The whole activity ended very simply but really happy as they ate their spaghetti. But I knew then, in one way or another, these kids are going to make their dreams happen. Why? Because they have already seen them :)