I Have A Secret To Tell You

By: Geneviève Bisson

"I have a secret to tell you."

These were the words of my best friend's 3 ½ year old daughter as we were having dinner before I left Canada. She got up, ran over to me and, whispered in my ear, "After dinner, I’ll give you books for your friends who have no books."

After we finished eating, we made our way to her little library. There she was, in her Halloween costume she had wanted to show me, taking out book after book.  After I explained that we should only donate the English ones since we wanted our friends in the Philippines to understand them, she pulled out almost all the English language books from her library. Ten books were generously handed over to me. I was extremely touched.

As I wanted her to see how this action would bring smiles to other kids, I shared with her our video highlighting Beep Beep Books, our mobile library. “Look Sara, your books are going to be shared with so many other children and make them so happy.” I know it's sometimes difficult for children to grasp the principal of how others live in a much different reality, but I believe that moments like these will continue to shape the person she is becoming. The more she is given opportunities to give back and reflect on what she can contribute, the more giving will become second nature.

Now back in the Philippines I especially love taking her books and reading them with our kids at the Foundation. They are extra special to me. One of the books she gave, How to Catch a Star by Oliver Jeffers, has been such a hit! In fact, we even turned it into a little play and read it in our last story telling outreach with a big group of kids who also felt the joy and magic of this beautifully written story.

Thank you again, Sara. And thank you to your mom. I am happy but definitely not surprised to see that your heart is already as big as hers.