A Year of Gratitude and Progress

By: Geneviève Bisson

Pandoo Foundation started the year 2015 with the motto: “What gets measured gets done.”

In the past year, we made an impact on 14,000 kids, hired 8 new team members and 4 interns, had many visitors, and welcomed volunteers who devoted many hours in the field and at the Pandoo Community Club. But, looking back on our year, the things that I am the most proud of and will most fondly remember cannot be so easily measured by numbers. Progress doesn’t have to always be calculated to be seen and felt.

In 2015 I have seen…

A mission taking shape.

Empty streets where kids used to beg.

Kids showing a thirst for knowledge and asking for books and activities instead of money.

Selflessness, humility, and love in action.

A dedicated team coming together to uplift communities through activities, stories, music, and lots of dancing.

People showing up day in day out, pouring their hearts and energy to make the world a better place.

Dedicated volunteers coming in with open minds and leaving with full hearts.

Kids, who used to not have a voice, sharing their thoughts at an international conference.

Our talented music teacher, team members, and Pandoo Club kids creating a beautiful and uplifting song.

Kids having the opportunity to be kids.

Lots and lots of big smiles.

Kids learning the valuable lesson of giving back and feeling empowered by raising PHP35,000 to help their community.

Lots of rice!

Pictures capturing the essence of who we are and what we do.

While I have seen intentional giving and an overwhelming number of acts of kindness, I have also experienced injustices, roadblocks, and frustrations. These, though, only fuel all of us to keep moving forward and working harder, smarter, and together to continue creating and enabling beautiful things that we can all witness.

Today, I measure my year by the immense gratitude I feel towards everyone who contributed into making Pandoo Foundation’s 2015 a year of creation, memories, and progress. Because of all of you, I’ve seen hope. And in 2016, that is what I will always choose to see.

Happy New Year, everyone!