Summer Camp Fun!

By: Geneviève Bisson

“What worked? What didn't? What can we do to make the activities better?”

Those were some of the questions the Pandoo team tried to answer during our reflection period about our first Summer Camp in 2015. Our brains worked full speed, discussing all the things we could improve on. We learned a lot since, and we were excited to apply it all and make Summer Camp 2016 even more amazing.

Among the big changes this year is the new Pandoo Adventure booklet where kids will collect stamps after every activity and will answer a few reflection questions at the end of the day. The booklet isn’t only exciting and motivating for kids, but it will also help us measure our impact and learn more about our project.

We've also designed more games to adapt to the many reading and comprehension levels we encounter during outreach. One game that I am the most excited to see in action is a giant board game we made that will be used with follow up comprehension questions. I can't wait to see how kids react when they see it! 

To get ready for the summer, the majority of the team underwent a two-day training about the goals and activities for the camp. We not only discussed our goals but we also played all the activities for the summer and reflected on the different educational content they have. It was a fun two days that was full of laughter. The best part was that it got us all so motivated for the next two months.

I am so proud of the progress this team has made over the past year. I know summer 2016 will be unforgettable for us and, most importantly, for the Pandoo kids.

The fun has begun. Pandoo Summer Camp 2016 is well on its way!