Keep Moving, Never Stop Believing

By: Jay Paolo Gabales

Pandoo Foundation’s Funday Wednesday is an activity every Wednesday afternoon where members of the Pandoo Team and other volunteers share their expertise with the Pandoo Kids. I happened to be one of the guests last week. Since my talent is dancing, I shared with the kids its benefits and importance.

When I was preparing for the presentation, one girl approached me and asked, “Kuya Pao, what are we going to do today?”

I replied, “We will be talking about dance.”

The girl started to approach other kids and asked them to sit. Wasn’t that nice of her?

At the start of the presentation, I showed the kids a picture of our Sinulog Dance that we did in January and I asked, “What is dance?” Then I showed them the different types of dance. I also shared with them how dance led me to a good job. Second by second, they started listening more. This is when I found out just how eager and ready they were to learn about dance and how it has benefited me. Thankfully the presentation went well and was successful. It was a bad day because of the weather but the kids at the Pandoo Club had great time.

The next day at noon, I was organizing books in the Relaxation Room when a little girl approached me and gave me a letter along with three pieces of flowers. When I opened the letter, “Sorry” was written on a heart-shaped piece of paper. When I read the whole letter, I found out that they were apologizing for not listening during the presentation the day before.

I was overwhelmed with happiness when I received those letters from the kids. They were so sweet. They realized their mistake and apologized on their own. After reading, I approached the kids and told them, “Thanks for the letter. Apology accepted.” They smiled.

While I stood and watched them leave, I realized that I will not stop showing goodness to these kids because I know that they will give goodness back in return.