Let’s Go On An Adventure!

By: Genevieve Bisson

I remember as a kid how excited I was any day that we had an outing. The buzz in school was different. You would wear your best clothes and take a bit more time to get ready. Out in the world you would go, alongside your class – let’s leave the school grounds and go on an adventure!

That’s how the Pandoo Community Club felt on May 20 as the kids all arrived very early, eager to go onboard MV Logos Hope. Logos Hope is the biggest floating book fair in the world and we were lucky enough to partner with them and to be able to offer this great experience to our kids.

We paired up the kids in a buddy system, went over the logistics and rules, and off we went. Walking onto the ship, the kids’ faces were priceless. They all had PHP150 to spend on anything they wanted in the store, and they took great pride in choosing their purchases. After they paid, we all participated in a storytelling session, ending with some of the ship’s volunteer team sharing stories about their lives onboard.

It was a treat to witness the joy that this experience brought to the Pandoo Community Club kids. They all left glowing from the fun they had. Their enthusiasm, as always, is contagious and I too left the day with unforgettable memories and the drive to continue making memorable days happen.

A big thank you to the MV Logos Hope crew. Keep on spreading joy and positive values wherever you may go!

Photography credit – Mitchell Gleason