Love Is In The Air

By: Geneviève Bisson

Lights, camera, action!

What is love?

This was the million dollar question asked to the Pandoo Club kids as they sat in front of the rolling cameras of our creatively designed studio.

Their reactions were simply priceless. First, as they walked in the room blindfolded and saw our studio, you could see their confused expression of, “Oh! Oh! What did I get myself into?” They automatically started giggling the moment we asked them the questions.


For some, the answers came easy. For others it took a while. But every single one was heartfelt. They left the room with giant smiles on their faces. The good feeling continued when we later used the studio for a special photo shoot session. Jess and Ashley, two of our regular volunteers, came to do an arts and crafts frame project.  We styled the kids one by one and then Em did a photo shoot. With music blasting in the background, the kids were striking up poses, channeling their inner divas and having a blast!

Tomorrow, Valentine’s Day, the kids will give their family a nice frame with the sweetest pictures. A priceless heartfelt gift that I am sure will bring big smiles on their faces.

What is love you ask?

Each of these kids, they are love.