Let's Do This!

By: Geneviève Bisson

A new year means a new and exciting chapter for the Pandoo Foundation. To turn the page properly we started the year with a six-day learning exchange. 

It was fun, intense, reflective, and full of discussions and, in true Pandoo nature, full of laughter.  This was also a great opportunity to look back on all the ups and downs of 2016 and take a moment to acknowledge how far we have come. Learning is a process and it takes time.  

We connected the dots and collaborated on ways to move forward with the focus we are taking on community development. We set some milestones which got everyone energized and excited about all the wonderful activities we have planned out. 

One of the highlights from the week was a Skype call we had with Delphine and Guillaume Gauvain who have started an organization called Bethel in China. Their passion for their mission was contagious and they left us with many important lessons that resonated with everyone.

Now that the learning exchange is over, it's time for us to apply and continue moving forward. We are in for the marathon so let’s go, pacing ourselves, ready and prepared to write another beautiful chapter. 

A special thank you to Mike for overseeing this learning exchange and to everyone that has participated in its success. 

2017… you are off to a great start! Let’s do this!