Building Curriculum, Building Communities

By: Julia Rose Umbay

Planning is essential for the achievement of any goal. Pandoo Foundation’s goal is to engage and empower kids and their community. During our 6-Day Learning Exchange in January 2017, some topics discussed were building relationships with the communities we cater to, speaking the same language [jargon], and teaching 21st century skills.

The Pandoo team is currently building the curriculum for our programs. Just like constructing a building, writing lessons requires a lot of time. We need to consider the building blocks of a lesson plan like the objectives, the hook, activities, and the effectiveness of the lesson. We also need to think about the children’s interests. I must admit that it really has been quite challenging for me and my co-educators. We are working together to overcome our difficulties by looking at online resources, sharing ideas, and doing peer review.

I read an article called “10 Steps to Better Lesson Plans” and it states that: “Students learn by making connections and exploring.” And I agree. That’s what we keep in mind when writing lesson plans. I think that what makes teachers effective is the way they deliver their lessons. We think of how to make these connections and how to engage students in the activities.

As I make our lesson plans, I try to make them engaging through various ways. For the Literacy Program, we often use storytelling to hook in the students and to help them make connections. But I also think about my students’ learning styles and interests because I think that a teacher’s purpose is not to dictate how students grow, but to guide students to reach their full potential.

In Pandoo Foundation’s new chapter this year, we will build curriculum and build a relationship with the communities. We, the Pandoo team, can build this together for the kids and for the communities.