A Nation Is Built With Dreams

By: Jet Ong

“Open ra kaayo mi kung naay gusto mu-volunteer diri nga magstory-telling or magtudlo sa mga bata. Mao gyud na among gusto” – Maam Clarita, BIRC in-charge

Today consists of a quick visit and chat with Maam Clarita of Barangay Kasambagan.  Today is also a revelation of the struggles of a BIRC-in-charge like her.  She thought if books are more relevant, kids might open them. Maybe if the computer is functioning, there might be unemployed mothers or fathers who can make their resume there. Perhaps, if the Education Committee of the Barangay is more supportive, they could have more activities. Listening to her dreaming of new books and bookshelves and how she wished the center could really help the Barangay residents makes me think of many more Barangay workers like her who are passionate in what they do.

I am glad that Pandoo Foundation focuses on the needs of our BIRC's and dreams passionately about what Maam Clarita is dreaming, as well.

Truly, a nation is built with dreams. Dreams like that of Maam Clarita. Dreams like that of Pandoo Foundation.