The Big-Hearted Ones

By: Ahmela L. Cabulao

Are you one of those big-hearted people willing to share what they know?

At the Pandoo Club, teachers like me feel wonderful when we see the Pandoo kids step up. We continue to guide them as they help us facilitate an activity. It is amazing to see how big the impact is when you help empower and engage them. It is also an amazing feeling to see them very eager and interested to help out and guide smaller kids.

Seeing kids helping other kids reminds me of family. At the Pandoo Club, we treat each other as family members. Family members help each other, hand in hand. Helping makes us grow as one Pandoo Foundation.

At the Pandoo Club, we call the smaller kids, ages 5 to 11, Explorers and the bigger kids, ages 12 to 15, Adventurers.

There are different ways to engage the kids. We have activities such as games, sports, storytelling, music, arts and crafts, among others.

A few weeks ago, we had a movie marathon which we fondly call movie-thon. In a movie-thon, the kids watch educational videos and movies that have moral lessons. At the end of the movie, the kids are asked questions that touch on comprehension, opinion, and imagination. Regardless of their age, the kids are very attentive watching the videos. Sometimes they sing along to familiar songs.

To apply several 21st century skills, we have adapted activities to develop the Adventurers’ leadership skills. At the end of every movie-thon, we ask them to help facilitate the activity related to the movie. We are glad that they say “yes” without any hesitation.

Since there are a few out of school kids that come to the center, we make sure that the activities are well-leveled. So, for this particular activity, we had asked the Adventurers to lead an activity entitled Bring Me the Letter, which is an activity on phonics. Aside from this, the Adventurers also helped the Explorers with a matching type activity.

Through the session, I have observed that the Adventurers had fun. I can see happiness spark in their eyes. I can also see that they all love to teach.

Using the 21st century learning skills and incorporating these into lessons can create an alive atmosphere. The kids are enthusiastic to learn more and it also helps build their confidence.

Seeing the Adventurers grow and seeing them step out from their shells makes me feel overjoyed. It is evident that they have big hearts to help others especially to those who are out of school. When they show their ability to share their knowledge, as their teacher, I cannot help but be proud.

For sure, our kids are big-hearted ones.