The SM Seaside Skating Experience

By: Lisa Stevens

The Pandoo Sports & Leadership Program involve delivering life-lessons in teamwork, leadership, communication and positivity using organized sports as a vehicle. Sports already utilized for this purpose include both volleyball for girls and street hockey for boys.

Daphne Baccus, a teacher at Casa Miani Home for Boys, recounts the experience of the Pandoo Sports & Leadership Program where 25 boys aged from 5 – 18 years were engaged in a regular street hockey training program, culminating with two trips to an ice skating rink (ISR-SM Seaside Cebu) to adapt their new skills in an ice hockey setting. The behavior and change she observed in these awesome kids show just how powerful sports can be to teach lessons that last a lifetime!

“Last May, I told the Casa Miani boys of the Hockey Program in coordination with Pandoo Foundation.  They were so excited to hear that especially when I told them that we are going to learn how to play hockey and go to SM Seaside to learn how to skate, they even asked me about it for several days.  They shared their eagerness to me by sharing that they watched a movie about hockey and some of them were pretending to skate along the hallway.

As the program started, I can see the enthusiasm and excitement in their eyes, when they were holding on to the hockey sticks.  They observed and absorbed everything that Coach Lisa and Coach Adam taught them and they learned quite fast. At the end of the session, they always ask me, “When are we going to SM Seaside?” and I answer them, “Soon, because you are still learning the basics”, and they answered back, “But we know that already”, I chuckled and told them to wait for that day.

Several days later, the day of the ice skating to SM Seaside arrived.  That was a school day and they immediately got ready as soon as they arrived in the center.  There I saw how anxious they are and they can’t wait to be on the ice and skate.   When they arrived in the skating rink, I saw some boys trying their best to skate in the middle of the ice, while others were holding on to the sides.  It was their first time on the ice and yet they enjoyed their time so much that even with scratches on their legs because of their falls it didn’t bother them at all. That was then that I saw in them the perseverance and the willingness to go on no matter what the challenge was.

The SM Seaside skating experience remained with the boys as they went back to the center. The fun, the skills taught and the knowledge shared was imprinted in their minds and they kept on talking about it.  I was so happy to see the thrill in them and that motivation continued until the program went on.  My hope is that through this experience they will carry on the values instilled in them and that attitude of ‘never say die’ will be their mantra for life. The program surely left a big impact to the Casa Miani boys and will carry on a mark on their lives.”