Salamat, Teacher Julia!

By: Geneviève Bisson

“Julia, how would you like to be a teacher for the Pandoo Foundation?”

I can still remember Julia’s big smile, tears in her eyes, as she thanked me for this opportunity I just offered her. She was so overjoyed and her reaction moved me.

Isn’t it so exciting to land your first job?

She was so eager to start teaching and every day it’s that passion for education, to serve, to bring smiles to kids faces and knowledge to shape their minds that makes her such an asset to our team. She came in with an open mind and continuously improved. 

It’s always a joy seeing Julia in action because when she is in front of a classroom you truly witness someone in her element, someone who has found her calling. All little eyes glued on her impatiently waiting for the next words she will say, she always finds a way to engage everyone. Nobody can resist that contagious laughter and genuinely kind-hearted Julia.

It’s been an incredible journey, filled with memories, friendships and growth. Her presence has made the team, the kids and my life so much richer. 

So now, it’s our turn to have tears in our eyes and thank her for the opportunity to work and serve alongside her. We will miss her but we know that her path will continue to brighten up kids' lives and the lessons she has learned will continue to shape the minds and hearts of so many deserving kids.

Best of luck, Teacher Julia. Please know that you will always have a place in the Pandoo family.