Empowering teachers, inspiring students!

The Philippines has made some incredible steps towards achieving its educational goals, but unfortunately, it still lacks around 40,000 public school teachers to serve its young people. Did you know that only 13% of kids in the Philippines are completing their education? With less than 1% of students prepared to enter high school, our goal is to invest in teachers to support students! We want to help teachers achieve their goals. That's why we deliver workshops designed to support teachers in developing new skills, motivating students and promoting collaboration in the wider community. Great teachers shape great students, so we encourage teachers to share unique ideas and gain new perspectives that empower them to lead a future generation of changemakers to success.

Impact so far:

  • More than 800 teachers attended our workshops since 2016.


1- CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT: A reflective workshop that helps teachers understand students behaviors and develop strategies that creates positive classroom environments.

2- 21st CENTURY SKILLS: An interactive workshop that focuses on understanding the importance of developing 21st century skills in our classrooms.

3- LITERACY: An exploratory workshop that helps teachers create positive literacy habits and foster a love of reading in their students.