Create opportunities by providing education, skills and ressources to children and communities.

We do things a little differently at PANDOO, we call it the "PANDOO Way". Every project, program and partnerships is built with this mindset. Community empowerment is our vission and like the pieces of a puzzle, every element of what we do gets us closer to a sustainable solution. Our framework:


1- COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: First, we get local people involved. It's their community after all! This is their future and it's our job to build lasting partnerships that allow our work to create the biggest impact.

2- RESOURCES: Change happens with the right tools, so through book donations, learning centers, educational materials, food an programs in arts and sports, we give communities a solid foundation to build on.

3- SKILLS: 21st Century Skills like creativity, communication, leadership and critical thinking are essential in the modern world, which is why we make sure that kids everywhere have an opportunity to learn them!